“Fran is a wonderful therapist, but she is an even more amazing person which goes a very long way in this profession. I’ve often found myself being closed off with sharing trauma, inner feelings, and just plain old being open. What Fran has offered me is a comforting place to finally be able to open up about things I never have before. Fran has given me a voice, identity, and allowed me to see things I never thought were possible. I am grateful for the time that she has given me and I don’t have the words to describe how appreciative I am of her. I thought I was broken and lost, but now I’m on the mend and have been found again. Thank you, Fran!” – V

“Starting to work with Fran while I was at my lowest and most vulnerable emotional state would have been a challenge for any therapist. But over the first few weeks, she slowly worked at peeling back the layers of my sadness and despair until I was able to understand the root of my perceived weaknesses and emotional struggles. The techniques that Fran used with me were not like any that I had been exposed to by any previous therapists that I had worked with. Learning to look at, think about, and explore my invasive thoughts in a way that was giving me back the control that I thought I lost has been an incredibly powerful tool. I am so happy that someone recommended Fran to me and I am happy to be able to do the same for others.” – P

“I have done many years of therapy but no one was able to help me as Fran has. I never met anyone so empathetic as Fran. Besides her energy and positive thinking that lights up your day, I’ve applied her advice and learned to approach my everyday life loving myself first. Fran is not just a therapist, but a way to be. Already in the first session you can see in her eyes the love that she puts into listening and understanding your feelings. What comes out is something that you cannot learn by books, she is a natural, a person born with the gift of helping. In only few sessions you will get addicted and craving to proceed with the next one because every therapy has an immediate healing and powerful effect. I love and trust this special woman…” – P

“Fran is a pure delight. I was recommended to her by my partner a few months back and it has been an extremely valuable life experience. While Fran is a sexologist, her skills and insights look at root causes and her focus on those emotional and mental processes radiate into how I think and feel about intimacy. I have always believed to be well in touch with myself however Fran has opened me up to even further self examination and analysis. She has helped me see patterns in myself that both help recognize the types of relationships that are successful for me and the ones that are not. Her emphasis on positive mental reinforcement is one I have found is in sync with my own philosophies. 5/5 would recommend.” – S

“Fran is an absolute gem! Her empathetic and calm nature makes her so easy to talk to about all topics, no matter how deep or uncomfortable. I really appreciated the time she spent sharing the mindful, positive, and healing powers of the exercises she led me through. Fran is so passionate about body positivity, loving yourself well, and implementing change where change needs to happen. Thank you!” – H

“Fran is an amazing listener.  Not only does she hear you, she feels what you feel and is incredibly empathetic.  She wants the best for you.  We all need an advocate, and that’s who Fran is.  When it’s time to come up with a plan to get you back on track, she introduces ideas and concepts that you can relate to, that begin the healing process.  Fran is a natural healer, and you’ll feel it right away when you talk with her.” – G

“During my sessions with Fran, a very empathetic and extremely sensitive facilitator, I was able to experience a safe place in which to explore my emotions through my body’s reactions. Through her guided breathing exercise, I was able to relax my shoulders, arms and hands, and eventually released a loud and long sign (of relief) for my long-held life tensions.” – C

“Fran has been one of the best life teachers that I’ve ever had. She listens very intently, never judges, and always guides me to help me make my own decision. I am so thankful to have someone like her in my life to help me sort out any problem, big or small. You’re an earth angel, Fran!” – J

“A good friend recommended Fran to me a few months ago in the midst of some personal/relationship hurdles. The first day that we connected, it was like being with an old friend. I found myself opening up in a way that I may have held back in the past. Fran has a very beautiful and unique way of listening and supporting that has brought me to understand myself and some of the patterns that I gravitate toward. My sessions with Fran leave me feeling lighter and more grounded at the same time. Fran comes highly recommended by me.” – A

“{Fran is} truly a fantastic volunteer but as a person…as a human being, I truly love working with {her}..{she} brings my heart joy.” – A., Hospice Coordinator