“I tell all my listeners – if they are looking for a good sex coach…Somatica is the place to go.” – Dr. Emily Morse

What Is Somatic Sexology?

As many ‘ology’ words go, sexology is the study of sex. Somatic sexology is one branch that hones in on an embodied approach. Somatic literally means “of the body” and somatic sexology attempts to bridge the mind-body connection to help people have more fulfilling & erotic sex lives.

All clothing remains on.

What Is Somatica’s Philosophy?

The Somatica System is motivated by 3 Key Attitudes to interpersonal communication as well as 3 Central Realms. 

  • Key attitudes are vulnerability, mindfulness and empathy.
  • Central realms are embodiment, sexuality and relationships.

How Do We Support Our Clients?

  • We are vulnerable with our clients & we sit alongside our clients as we too are figuring life out.
  • We practice & teach mindfulness by understanding self awareness.
  • We are empathetic and allow ourselves to feel along with our clients.
  • Embodiment is the sense of being inside your body at the present moment and we help people make those connections.
  • Because our society trivializes and shames sex, we have a limited understanding of sex and many often end up in low sex or sexless relationships. We introduce you to a large sexual menu!
  • We help people have healthy relationships.