Lingam massage is a tantric practice that focuses on the penis region and aims to provide pleasure, relaxation, and spiritual connection. While the primary goal of lingam massage is not necessarily to create connectedness in couples, it can enhance intimacy and deepen the bond between partners through various means. Here’s how lingam massage can contribute to connectedness:

  • Communication and Trust: Engaging in lingam massage requires open and honest communication between partners. Discussing boundaries, desires, and expectations beforehand establishes trust and strengthens the emotional connection. Trust is vital for creating a safe and comfortable environment during the massage.
  • Sensual Exploration: Lingam massage involves exploring and pleasuring the penis, testicles, perineum and even prostate region in a mindful and attentive manner. By focusing on the pleasure and sensations experienced by the receiving partner, the giver can develop a deeper understanding of their partner’s body, desires, and pleasure points. This exploration fosters an intimate connection and a heightened awareness of each other’s physical needs.
  • Presence and Mindfulness: Both the giver and receiver of lingam massage are encouraged to be fully present and mindful during the experience. This means paying close attention to sensations, breath, and the connection between partners. Being fully present in the moment allows couples to deepen their connection, as they are attuned to each other’s reactions and responses.
  • Emotional Release: Lingam massage can provide a safe space for emotional release and vulnerability. The physical touch, combined with a nurturing environment, can help individuals relax and let go of emotional stress or tension. Sharing this vulnerable state with a partner can deepen the emotional bond and foster a sense of connectedness.
  • Energy Exchange: In tantra, sexual energy is seen as a powerful force that can be harnessed and shared between partners. Lingam massage seeks to awaken and circulate this energy throughout the body, promoting a sense of unity and connection. By channeling and exchanging this energy, couples may experience a heightened sense of intimacy and connectedness.

I often say that we teach our partners how to treat us. If you find that you’d like to better connect with your partner, practicing lingam massage with a penis owner can be a great way to show your desire for them while also showing your desire to be massaged in a deep way back. This practice can be so beautiful, especially if you pair it with the right mood, lighting and of course, partner!

How To:

Step 1: Set the mood. Finding the right oils, music, smells and colors is highly erotic to me. Here is where you can create the desire and passion in which you crave.

Step 2: Start the massage by focusing on the neighboring areas, such as the:

  • stomach
  • upper thighs
  • inner thighs
  • butt

Move your hands slowly and sensually across the skin, setting the stage for an erotic experience.

Step 3: Eventually you will add in a sensual massage to the genital region. Here you can use your mouth to pleasure your partner as well. Take the time to appreciate this highly erogenous zone and the vulnerability of your partner.

You will also want to ask your partner about access to their prostate and perineum regions. Here is where you can create full body orgasms. Additionally, consider edging if your partner is highly turned on and feeling orgasmic. Edging is where you’re about to reach an orgasm but you hold off and work to bring yourself back down, to then come right back up for an orgasm. Do this a few times to enhance your orgasm.

Certain sexual experiences are believed to invoke a trance-like state. The full-body pleasure that one experiences through lingam massage is often enough to reach that state, which is known to feel more spiritual than sexual.

You can make the most of this meditative experience by:

  • taking it slowly
  • stay present in your body
  • appreciating the curves, textures, smells and sensations in the body
  • allowing you both to experience both the sexual and spiritual side of tantric massage
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