In a study with over 750 heterosexual couples, it found that the use of pornography with a romantic partner is reliably associated with better rather than worse sexual and relationship satisfaction. Does this surprise you?

If you’re into the thrill of looking at naked strangers online or you’re wanting to bring some eroticism into your relationship, introducing porn into your relationship can be intimidating. But what we’re here to tell you is that it can be rather easy and it all starts with communication.

Surveys of college-age men show that 93% have viewed porn before the age of 18. And according to a 2018 study, an estimated 91.5% of men and 60.2% of women consume pornography. These statistics are intended to show you that your partner has most likely already seen pornography before, allowing for it to be less intimidating to approach them on this topic. Though often seen as taboo in our society, it’s something we’re all intimately aware of…

I’d encourage you to avoid secrecy in your relationship (that often breeds shame) and introduce the use of porn in the bedroom. You never know, your partner could be thinking the same thing…


We often recommend that you lead relationship desires with a flirty, carefree presence. You may be worried that you’ll give off a less serious impression about the topic but in actuality, it can help you deliver in a more relatable way. It can begin with, ‘I read a sexy article the other day about introducing porn into the bedroom…that’s something we’ve never tried before!’ (this is that article!) Or you can do some partner gauging and say ‘I had a dream last night that we were getting hot and heavy in the bedroom over some erotic porn!’ & check out their response and bodily reactions.


Ethical porn is pornography that is made consensually, treats their performers with dignity, and pays performers & filmmakers fairly for their masterpieces. We highly recommend ethical porn to the community as an amazing option – especially when first introducing porn into a relationship.

Ethical Porn FranFavorite

Quick note… Ethical porn is similar to organic food. Folks can say the food is organic for various reasons but it’s a good idea to do your own research to ensure credibility.

Perhaps visual porn is not your cup of tea or your partner’s thing. Then another option is for you to consider audio porn.

We heard on the Sex & Psychology podcast that your learning style matches your sex style? Are you an auditory learner who loves audio porn? Or maybe you’re a visual learner who loves visual porn? We think they’re onto something…

Audio Porn FranFavorite Free Free

Take Turns

When introducing new techniques into the bedroom, it’s always a wonderful idea to extend the same suggestion to your partner. So let’s say you introduce porn into the relationship. Ask your partner about a turn on that they’ve been wanting to call into being! Taking turns on how it is you live out your sexual fantasies can be an exquisite way to erotically connect.

Secondarily, if porn is of interest to your partner after introducing the idea, consider alternating each partner’s porn preference when engaging in sex. This keeps it fresh and everyone in the group feels heard & seen.

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